Daughter's Slumber Party Pt. 10

Quickly stripping off my dildo, I crawled up the lush body beneath me, and straddled Gabrielle's face. I could see her eyes, wide with desire, staring at my plump, swollen lips, I could feel my juices, I was hot, so fucking horny, wet and slick, and I needed to cum, hard.

"Taste me baby", I cooed. "Look how hot, how wet you've made me, my cunny is so hot and very juicy, just for you. Lick me, let my cunny feel you licking me."

I slowly lowered down, once again, we were the center of attention as Gabrielle got her introduction to lesbian licking. I was hovering inches above her mouth, I was so hot, I could smell myself.

"Oh yes, Mon Dieu, you smell so good, Mama."

I lowered down more until I felt her full lips kissing delicately along my lips, then kissing right between the part. I growled with pleasure, and her tongue came out to lick me, she opened her mouth just in time to get a good serving of my juices, I started to run like a leaky faucet. I looked around, watching as Courtney lowered herself onto Dru's lips, Rita sat on Tabby's face, and Judi mounted up on Glenda. Moans and gasps of pleasure started to sound, it was obvious that Dru and Tabby were not virgins to lesbian licking, I wondered if Glenda had done some pussy licking. But Gabrielle was a complete virgin, and I was taking all her virginities. I squirmed around on Gabrielle's face, and oh yes, her tongue hit my orgasm button.

"Oh yes, baby, there, mmmm, right there, make me cum!"

I could see my girls, faces full of bliss, grunting and humping atop eagerly licking mouths, it all came together, and I felt myself tumbling.

"Fuck, oh my god, cumming baby, cumming all over your sweet face, yes, yes, YESSS!"

I could feel the release, and my juices gushed out, oh god, I was squirting crazily, splattering Gabrielle's face. I looked down, hoping she wasn't grossed out. Her face was full of bliss, she had her mouth wide open, mouthing my juices. It powered me along, I shook and shuddered, squealing with the sheer pleasure of it, dimly, I heard shrieks and howls of pleasure, opening my eyes to see Courtney, Judi, and Rita riding their own orgasms, giving Dru, Tabby, and Glenda plenty of hot, delicious girl cum. My girls and I rode that wave, our partners licking us until every last spasm, every drop of our juices was spent.

We flopped down in a heap, and Rita cooed, "Welcome to the team ladies, you passed our initiation with flying colors! And now, it's time for the after initiation orgy!"

Dru grinned, and said, "Sounds awesome, let's get the party going, Mom asked Tabby and me if we'd give you a demonstration of how we took each other's cherry, with a nice hard double dildo. Now that our initiation is complete, relax and watch us!"

We did, and what a sight, Tabby, and Dru were not shy, and they gave us a steamy look at what had transpired on their 18th birthday. Tabby growled as Dru slid 8 inches up her sexy teen pussy, then she angled it up, and Dru growled with lust as she wiggled down the free end. Their sexy teen bodies quickly joined like a pair of open scissors, pussy to pussy, they got a hot fucking rhythm going, smacking their sexy pussies together.

Dru cried out. "Fuck, oh my god, so fucking good, just as good as the first time, my cunt's on fire, oh it feels so fucking good!"

Tabby purred, "Oh god, yes, look at everyone watching us, seeing how we make sweet, hot love to each other, it's such a turn on being watched, I love it, let's hump the fuck out of this dildo, and cum like crazy!"

Watching it was making my cunt into a throbbing, horny hole, I looked around, I could see flushed faces, wide eyes, and hands stroking bodies, Courtney was cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, Rita and Judi were softly stroking each other as they watched the scene, and Glenda and Gabrielle were next to me, and I felt their hands come up, each of them taking a breast, and they started to play with my nipples, I love having my tits fondled and caressed, and I let out sighs of pleasure as they stimulated me.

I could see Dru and Tabby watching us watching them, letting the lust feed off of each other. We were spurring each other on, and Tabby and Dru really went at it, ramming their sopping pussies down that stiff dildo over and over, two hot and horny cunts bonded together, taking it hard from every angle. Cries and grunts of pleasure mixed with the sound of pussy juice squelching filled the air.

Tabby cried out, "Oh fuck, so good, gonna cum, cum so fucking hard, YEEEAAAAAHHH!"

Dru gasped, "Yes, squirt your juices baby, oh fuck, I'm cumming too, oh GAAAWWWWWDDDD!"

Shrieks and screams of orgasmic explosion filled the bedroom, as Tabby and Dru came hard all over my dildo, their gushing cunts squirted crazily, spraying each other and splattering the mattress with their molten juices as they collapsed in each other's arms.

It was like a signal gun had done off, and we joined in the initiation orgy. Nubile female bodies twisted and turned, Courtney grabbed me, put me on my hands and knees, and grinning, showed me the juicy dildo.

"Ass to ass, let's ride this nice creamy dildo ass to ass!" she cooed, her face full of naked lust.

I felt the pleasure as I was penetrated, and 8 inches glided up my soaking center, fuck I was so wet, soaking with lust.

Rita cooed, "Ummm, let me help you, Courtney, now you, hands and knees."

I looked at Rita, she had Gabrielle embracing her from behind, kissing up and down my daughter's neck, nibbling at her, as Rita held the dildo steady. I felt Courtney's sexy ass against mine, then a growl of pleasure as Courtney was impaled, pushing back to get as much into her as possible.

Rita cooed softly, "Oh yeah, now you got it, fuck each other good!"

I saw Rita turn, and she and Gabrielle started kissing each other heatedly, tumbling to the mattress next to us. I watched as Gabrielle strapped on a 10-inch dildo. Ummm, our sexy French exchange student was learning quickly, as she got between the spread of Rita's thighs, I could see the look of welcoming lust as Gabrielle nudged against Rita, then with a slow and steady push, I watched Rita get impaled, her cry of joy as Gabrielle sank all 10 inches in.

Watching this was making my pussy a burning lust-fueled furnace, I growled with pleasure, and Courtney and I started to hump back and forth at each other. Being on our hands and knees, ass to ass, mmmm, it was just like doggy style, I love doggy style fucking, and we eagerly got into the rhythm. The stiff dildo bonded our pussies together as we rode, I could feel our asses smack together as we bucked back and forth.

I looked over, saw Gabrielle power fucking Rita, stuffing her full on each in-stroke. Their eyes were glittering, and they were looking at me, watching the burning spectacle of Mom and Courtney fucking each other. I held out for maybe 10 more seconds, then I could feel the deep down throbbing, the tingles of shooting pleasure start to build.

"Oh fuck so good, gonna cum, yes, yes YEEEESSSS!"

My voice rose up to a holler as I felt my pussy explode, sizzling pulses of pleasure zapping me deep inside, and I heard Courtney's shriek of joy as she tumbled down into orgasm right behind me, our bodies were shaking and shuddering as we smacked back hard one last time, wanting the dildo as deep as possible.

Gabrielle, Dru, Tabby, and Glenda decided that they wanted to give back what we gave them, and very soon, Rita, Courtney, Judi, and I were handcuffed together in a row, just like they had been. The riding crop, solid wooden yardstick, blackboard pointer, and leather thong whip were going to be used on our asses. I was eager and so very ready to get the creamy whiteness of my ass cheeks turned into the throbbing, red glow of a well-spanked ass.

I felt the sizzles of pleasure as our assholes were licked, getting them good and wet, and the filling pleasure of our butt plugs being shoved up our ass holes, our growls of pleasure sounding.

Tabby purred, "Oh, do you like having your tight ass holes plugged? Do you want your sexy asses spanked, too?"

I grunted, "Yes, and yes, let us have it, spank us hard!"

Tabby giggled, and said, "Oh we will! Okay girls, grab your favorite, and let's give Mom and her girls the hard spanking they need!"

We could head them taking position behind us, and Tabby growled huskily, "Now, let them have it!"

I felt the strike, and the blaze of pain as the riding crop whipped against my ass, my girl's howls joining mine.

I grunted, "Yes, yes, whip my ass again!"

The next strike brought out a sound of part pain and part pleasure, oh yes, that stinging redness was going to feel so good, and I gasped, "Mmmm, feels good, I need it again!"

I could hear my girls letting out grunts and howls, begging for another hard stroke.

Tabby said, "Okay, time to switch."

At the third whap across her ass, Courtney let out a loud moan, and grunted, "Yes, oh yes, feels so good. Paddle me, spank me hard, I've been such a bad girl, tan my naughty, misbehaving ass."

That fired my lust up, and as I took a strike from the blackboard pointer, I cried out, "Yes, so good, so good, spank me harder!"

I felt another, harder stroke lash my ass, and I growled, "Oh yes, just like that, oh fuck, feels so good!"

As Dru gave Judi a stroke, she growled and said, "Yes, punish me, oh fuck, I've been bad, punish my ass, paddle me hard!"

Glenda whipped the crop against Rita, and she growled, "Yes, oh god yes, give it to me, spank my naughty ass hard!"

Rita pushed her ass up as much as possible after every stroke, inviting the next one.

"Okay, let's switch again."

I took two hard whaps from the oak wooden yardstick, mmmm, the wood is so hard, and my ass was paddled good, I could feel the glowing burn as they switched one last time, and I felt two lashes from the leather thong whip, oh fuck, it felt so fucking good, and my cunt was on fire, the mix of pain and pleasure just drove me crazy. We were uncuffed, and I saw the red glow of my girl's well-whipped asses matching my own glowing, well-paddled cheeks.

The whipping had fired up our lust to a fever pitch, and the room once again became an orgy. I used the naked teens for my pleasure, while they, in turn, used me, our bodies went at it for hours, in all combinations, I was in a haze of hedonism, licking, sucking, kissing, fucking, being penetrated with the dildos, while using them in turn on sexy, naked, very wet teen pussies. Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, we were totally spent, and we virtually collapsed from exhaustion, our bodies sprawled against each other.

Gabrielle curled up next to me, whispered, "Thank you for the wonderful initiation Mama."












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